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Tous et Chacun

La Déclaration

On 30th of April,  just before the 1st of May, International Worker’s Day, the collective Contributive will officially launch The Declaration of Contributors’ rights.

This is also, a sort of Manifesto and I worked on it, thinking this way.

Tous et Chacun –  Each and everyone


This is the slogan developed by Carole Lipsyc in her text that introduces the Declaration.

I want this image to be a sort of an archetypal symbol that illustrates the very concept of Contributive Action and opens the imagination.

These below are some variations of this topic.

The image was printed in 100 ex. to leave a physical object of value to the participants.

Typo and print by Ari Fleiszbein

To go from a society of competition to an inclusive society of mutual aid and cooperation.