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Illustrations on the topic of science, as published in Internazionale.

Group-think: what it is and how to avoid it.

Colin Fisher

The World’s Richest Men Are Brawling Over the Moon. by Marina Koren

Herbal remedies can help to treat neglected tropical diseases.

And a scientific approach will identify the best of them

Sexual Attraction Is the Oldest Story on Earth when one cell drifts by another cell, pheromones fly.

by Ilana E. Strauss

Record $8 billion payout won’t turn back the clock on US opioid crisis.

by Clare Wilson

How COVID-19 is changing the English language

by Roger J. Kreuz

Could we jump into a wormhole to save us from the world at present?

by Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

Rats Have Not Changed.

We Have.

Sheltering in place produced a “natural experiment” for urban wildlife.

by Sarah Zhang

Food allergies may be on the rise because babies start solids too late.
Giving babies potentially allergenic foods early on, may reduce the risk of allergies – but many parents don’t, as that conflicts with advice to breastfeed until six months.

by Clare Wilson

Some fish are still full of mercury, for a worrying reason. 

by Ed Yong

Browsing deer affect how a forest sounds.
Changes in the auditory environment as a result of herbivory, could influence how animals communicate, and may have implications for sound-based monitoring of species.

by Jeff Akst

The loneliest stars in the galaxy – certain stars have a history distinct from all the others around them.

by Marina Koren


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Human drugs are polluting the water  – and animals are swimming in it.

 by Rebecca Giggs

Living with ADHD: how I learned to make distraction work for me.

by Sarah Stein Lubrano

How bumbling British boffins became a standing Russian joke.

by James Harkin

How medicine got too good for its own good.
We’re detecting problems too early and convincing healthy people they’re sick – it’s time to rethink medical diagnosis, says physician H. Gilbert Welch.

by Wendy Glauser

Machine learning could be the key to reducing the use of animals in experiments.

by Thomas Hartung

Why you need to touch your keys to believe they’re in your bag.

by Ophelia Deroy

Livestock drove ancient old world inequality.

by Lizzie Wade

Are siblings more important than parents?
How brothers and sisters shape who we are.

by Ben Healy

Shampoo is causing air pollution, but let’s not lose our heads.

by Michael Marshall

The environment is finally getting its day on court.

by Anna-Catherine Brigida