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Major Arcana

A project

                                        BEHIND THE SCENE

I love playing cards and games in general, so, out of curiosity I began studying the beautiful images on the Tarot and Oracle cards, observing their symbolism.

For years I’ve been fascinated by the language of the subconscious and I started analysing its symbology.I began with the basics and then became interested in archetypes. I read, consequently, the writings of Carl Gustav Jung, and Marie-Louise Von Franz, who were also interested in fairy tales.

At the end of 2019 my first children’s book came out, a product of my early knowledge of myths, legends and the symbols associated with them. Les Livre des Animaux Magiques – Editions du Ricochet.
I have also combined aesthetic and anthropological research, which has led to the Tarot de Marseille game.

Some time ago, with the need to define my psychological path in a visual way, I decided to devote time to the Major Arcana Strenght 11.
This image, almost a Mandala of my circumstances in that moment, made me reflect on the real importance of exploring the Major Arcana in greater depth.
I decided, however, to start by redesigning those of the Tarot de Marseille, in order to better master the symbolism.

The year 2020 gave me time to start painting again and, while continuing to study, read and work, I redesigned/re-illustrated the 22 Arcana.

These images are fully painted and original.

25X26 cm – watercolors and Ecoline black ink on Saunders Waterford 300gr. paper. 


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A source of great inspiration was The Garden of Tarots by the great master Niki de Saint Phalle in Tuscany, the research that Jodorowsky and Philippe Camoin did on the cards, whereby redefining the chromatic choice with greater attention, and of course the work done by Jean Noblet, and Osvald Wirth together with his own writings, Nicolas Conver and Jacque Vieville.

Of course, I studied the tarot cards of the great Antonio Possenti, which are a free interpretation of the 22 Arcana by Emanuele Luzzati, as well as by Domenico Balbi. A whole world of aesthetics, signs and meanings opens up on the cards leading to new doors which I haven’t yet entered. I’ve only just arrived. This is the first stage of a project which I would like to see one day result in the creation of a deck of Horoscope Cards, entirely of my own making. Here you can find an article as published in Picame Mag, about this project.