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Temps Réel

LE monde


The creative editorial team of Le Monde contacted me to comment with one of my drawings on the release of the collection of poems by the French-speaking poet Jean-Christophe Bailly, Temps Réel, Editions du Seuil.

Here is the article by Fabrice Gabriel


At first I thought of a more classic version of the Muse who finds the poet as mentioned in Gabriel’s article.
But Bailly’s work focuses on the idea that poetry, for its unconventional nature, is a continuous journey.
His verses are one passage after another, like the landscape that flows outside the train window.

And so his poetic language is an autonomous organism in evolution.

So I had to convey this idea of ​​a succession of events, landscapes and emotions, giving a slightly didactic and classic idea of ​​the “poet” and of poetry itself.