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LE monde

                                        BEHIND THE SCENE

Marion Dupont, journalist, has written six articles for the L’été des idées section of the newspaper Le Monde, out in the first days of August 2023.

The creative direction contacted me to deal with the topic in question: friendship.



I feel like saying that, in this society which is completely liquid, as Zygmunt Baumann wrote, friendship stands in the way of rampant individualism and creates a new structure between people, if it is profound. Friendship heals, supports and becomes the cornerstone for the construction of a new society.

Less “liquid” but fluid and structured in a different way.

Where the most “institutionalized” relationships are emptied of value, friendship seems to establish new certainties in people’s hearts. The friend observes the other friend and authorizes him to be himself, respects him, educates him, loves him. 

And from here, the new human beings growing up in these new types of families also have the ease of facing pains, trials of life, more sincerely and in full autonomy.

Friendship becomes an alliance against alienation.

Dupont proposes six articles which he titles The Metamorphoses of Friendship.

One of these illustrations is on display in Le Havre, Oscar Niemeyer Library, for the exhibition entitled ~ QUAND LA PRESSE S’ILLUSTRE #4 and it was selected by the Society of Illustrators of LA – Illustration West 62

On display in Le Havre, Oscar Niemeyer Library.
Selected by SILA – Illustration WEST 62