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Forum Philo - Le Monde / Le Mans


                                        BEHIND THE SCENE

Emmanuel La Parra and the team of the Association Forum Philo Le Monde, called me to work for the Philo Forum 2023 which took place in Le Mans on 24-25-26 November 2023. 

The theme of the Festival was:

The actuality of nostalgia.



I focused, first of all, on the concept of nostalgia.

How to communicate this ephemeral feeling?

I first thought of clouds and water because nostalgia is something that envelops and permeates us when we are struck by it.

But it didn’t end here.

The subtitle of the 2023 edition of the Philo Forum is: Would tomorrow be better?

The image, therefore, for me, developed with a great symmetry: one part would call the other.

Yesterday would call tomorrow.

Therefore, I developed the sketch with a great symmetry: one part would recalled the other.

Yesterday would called tomorrow.

The act of immersion had to be increasingly simple, making sure that the protagonist had a finger immersed in water and looked at a “new” sun: tomorrow. The protagonist need to be as minimally characterized as possible.

Obviously, I gave voice to the color: I let it speak as usual.