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When Marie de Cossette selected me to design one of these scarves, I felt like I was the right person at the right time. I am a cyclist. Cycling is a lifestyle for me.

I use it as a means of transport, but the bicycle has always been my time machine. When I pedal, I am immediately in another world: my interior. Furthermore, the bike allows you to look at the world from another point of view, it is a clean means of locomotion and makes you stay in contact with your body, always.



Keeping all this in mind, I imagined a character who carried within himself the “sense” of moving by bike and that sense of freedom that this vehicle allows you to feel. And it is a freedom based on your feelings and on your strength and will. 

Traveling by bicycle, as I said before, allows the cyclist to look at the world from another perspective. From here, then, through the use of my digital collage I placed a pair of bicycle-shaped glasses on the main protagonist’s nose. I think the best ideas are the simplest.


Silk Foulards conceived and produced for Le Bon Marché.

Project by Marie de Cossette, Photo by A. De Cossette