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Antinori wonderful rosé wine bottles painted by me, yesterday at Procacci's, Milan.

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Dear friends,
I will paint live at Procacci's, Milan! Stay tuned!

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Some drawings of mine in Caracol art gallery, Torino, from 20th of may.
Every piece is on sale. Thanx to Illustri!
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dedicated to very woman - 2016 digital collage

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En sortie par ma maison d'edition française, le dernier livre que j'ai illustré.
The latest book I've illustrated and published by my french publisher is in the bookshops!

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go to ---> CQ n.41 just arrived

and my selected piece is here

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the very beginning of a painting
acrylic on canvas 80cmX150cm

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Here below, my tribute to Crepax, Valentina. 
Thank you Manuel Santo, thank you Fantagraphics books.

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Tucanos in the forest, collage
here below some details


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To commemorate 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare - Hystrio cover

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