go to ---> n.13 3X3 Honorable Mentions

Here below images from the project "2016 Internazionale Calendar"
the first Honorable Mention

Here below images from the project "In the forest"
the second Honorable Mention

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go to ---> The floating piers by Christo

I realized this piece for CAST alimenti show cooking and the opening of Christo Floating Piers

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go to ---> The sea

The sea, or the Poet at Work by Agnieszka Taborska published by Internazionale

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Some details from my graphic tale on ‪#‎VitaMagazine‬
about Luca Mercalli, italian metereologist

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go to ---> Pan et les oursons

Pan et les oursons - aquarelle et encre de chine sur papier 300gr - expo chez Untitled Factory, Paris, jusq'au 9 juin
Pan and the little bears - watercolor and ink on 300gr paper - expo at Untitled Factory, Paris
'till the 9th of june

the first idea

starting with ink

a detail

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go to---> Alphabetizing

Alphabetizing kids by Ilan Stavans - Internazionale magazine
this is a detail

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go to ---> live painting

Antinori wonderful rosé wine bottles painted by me, yesterday at Procacci's, Milan.

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go to ---> Live Painting

Dear friends,
I will paint live at Procacci's, Milan! Stay tuned!

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go to ---> Expo in Caracol

Some drawings of mine in Caracol art gallery, Torino, from 20th of may.
Every piece is on sale. Thanx to Illustri!
to have more infos go here

dedicated to very woman - 2016 digital collage

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