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The two double pages and a detail for the book @Mytechnostories
Vogue bambini book #mytechnostories out in semptember powered by #originalmarines 
thanx to @AnselmoRoveda @OrianaPicceni

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The first quantum-cryptographic satellite network will be Chinese 
Quantum cryptography’s early birds  
By Internazionale 
This is my Schrödinger Quantum cat.
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One of the 2 pieces I've created for @BiblioModa #19401950 expo. 
Thanks to Nicola Iannibello. 
The Syrens.

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sketches from a new children's book

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Billion-dollar dams are making water shortages, not solving them By Fred Pearce - on Internazionale
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2 pieces I've drawn for My Petite Bourgeois Revolution expo 
in Northern Contemporary gallery in Toronto - May 2017.
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L’allergie ne connaît pas de limite d’âge par Pascale Santi - Internazionale
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Published by REVUE21 today Le jour des gants
one tale and one illustration by me
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Today in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy, there will be my speech about 
how we can use illustrations for social issues and improving communication. 
This is one of the images I create for #medicisenzafrontiere for #Illustrifestival
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