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Hystrio theatre magazine juillet/sept issue

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Eat with, the future of dining - Le Temps, Lausanne
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My new collaboration with Le Temps, Lausanne, starts with two images: the topic is "Economie collaborative", sharing economy.
The two first topic are about Pumpipumpe, objects sharing between neighbors and Sharoo, a system of carpooling. The two without using money.

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My graphic tale on Vita#07 - #ReinholdMessner #KönigLaurin

 a detail - king Laurin

a detail - young Messner

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My new book published by Les Editions du Ricochet: Les p'tites planètes!
here the full list of my children's books

a detail

another detail

another detail

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Elegance - digital collage - n.12 issue Rivista Officina

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Here below images from the project "2016 Internazionale Calendar"
the first Honorable Mention

Here below images from the project "In the forest"
the second Honorable Mention

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go to ---> The floating piers by Christo

I realized this piece for CAST alimenti show cooking and the opening of Christo Floating Piers

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The sea, or the Poet at Work by Agnieszka Taborska published by Internazionale

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