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tote bags



Union-IP, Union of European Practitioners in Intellectual Property contacted me to create an illustration that represented their core business.

For their meeting in June 2024, UNION-IP wanted to produce tote bags to donate to their members.


The drafts started by studying a character. The subject of the illustration wanted to embrace two themes: protection and creativity.
The client, obviously, wanted a simple, flat, captivating image. An image that the members liked so much that they wanted to use the tote bag even in their free time.

In this case, I focused a lot on the expressiveness of the main protagonist, making sure that everything was as simple as possible.

The subject, in fact, had to be printed in the two institutional colors of UNION-IP.

I felt particularly involved, with all this talk about rights and intellectual property, relating to the birth and use of new AI. However, human creativity does not run on the same track as the technological processes carried out by artificial intelligence.

And so, I dedicated myself to representing love in creating and, it goes without saying, in protecting.
The sense of care. Here’s what came out of it.

Below, you will find some sketches, color images, the final illustration and the bags.

This time I did everything in vector.