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Chiara Dattola is nomad and works as illustrator/painter/designer.
She works for newspapers, magazines, and advertising agencies. She realized original pieces and
she creates books for children, both as author and illustrator, related art and illustration projects for european and korean publishing houses.
Her illustrations appeared in collective art and illustration expositions in Italy and abroad.
She is one of the official teacher at European Design Institute in Milan since 2007 and in Tourin since 2017.

Internazionale, Le Monde, Corriere della Sera, Campus magazine, Les Echos, Enjeux les Echos, Régal, Pèlerin, Plansponsor, Monocle, WAME & EXPO2015,  Le Bon marché, Les Editions du Rouergue, Les Editions du Ricochet, Yeowon media, Kyowon, De Agostini, Zanichelli, Messaggerie libri, Philip Morris, Montessori Korea, Panini publishing, Antinori.

2016 Two Honorable mentions for n.13 Annual 3x3 Illustration show • 2015 Creative Quarterly n.41   2009 Italian illustration award • 2008 Italian illustration award • 2007 Italian illustration award • 2006 Italian illustration award 

©Roberto Tomei

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