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You could see here below some pieces from my published books or other personal project for children and HERE the full list of my children's books.

Illustrations for The giant violin and Music written by Pietro De Angelis
Style Piccoli 2017

from the book Les p'tites planètes published by Les Editions du Ricochet (FR), two double pages

Another forest, collage

published by Internazionale italian review

from the book Le p'tit jardin published by Les Editions du Ricochet (FR), two double pages

published by Panini (Italy), cover and one double pages

from Superfuret written by Elisa Vix, Les editions du Rouergue(FR)
could you see the book HERE 

from the book Sangre y Arena -  Eli publishing (Italy)

from the book Girogirotondo - Coccinella publishing (Italy)

from the project The little king -  unpublished 

from Giovan Battista! -  Laveno Mombello libraries publishing (Italy)

from Giovan Battista! -  Laveno Mombello libraries publishing (Italy)

from Giovan Battista! -   Laveno Mombello libraries publishing (Italy)

from Ocattaccati, two double pages - text by Anselmo Roveda -  Lineadaria publishing (Italy)

The flying baby-boy - unpublished

project for a book, three double pages - written by Anselmo Roveda - unpublished

Achilles and Patroclus -   unpublished

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